VaporDrain is a simple and easy to install method of creating an air-tight seal on floor drains while allowing water to freely flow into the drain as needed. The VaporDrain device uses a mechanical brass valve to create an air tight seal when water is not flowing into the drain. This seal prevents gasses (including radon) from rising up out of the drain, and also prevents conditioned air from being drawn into the drain from sub-slab suction of a radon mitigation system.

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VaporDrain is ideal for installation in non-trapped floor drains to prevent odors, pests, and pollutants from entering the building. VaporDrain can also be installed in floor drains that have water traps to prevent the trap from drying out. The basic VaporDrain product will fit floor drains between 1-1/4” diameter and 2-1/2” diameter. For installations in floor drains up to 6-1/2” diameter, use the Easy Trim Adaptor Disc to create the perfect fit for the drain.

VaporDrain is ideal for installation in sump covers to provide water relief in the event of a basement flood (as required by AARST Radon Mitigation Standards, SGM-SF-2017, Sec. 8.5.2). VaporDrain can also be installed in sump covers to allow condensation lines and other appliances to drain into the sump basin without compromising the sump seal. Simply drill a 2” diameter hole in the sump cover, apply a bead of silicone or urethane sealant around the hole, and slide VaporDrain into the cover.

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