PressureTech PT2DC-6 Radon Fan – 6″ PVC Pipe, Low Voltage


Low Voltage Plug-and-Play Radon System | 6-Inch Duct | 350CFM Airflow | 2.4” Suction

“I like your complete packaging for the LV system.  It is the best set up for LV on the market.” – Bill Brodhead


The PT2 is one of the first low voltage radon fans with a fully plug and play wiring configuration.  Simply drill a 1” diameter hole next to the radon pipe and fan and mount the Transition Box.  This pre-wired electrical box has an integrated disconnect switch and conduit on the outdoor portion to comply with AARST Radon Standards.  The indoor portion has a quick connect plug system that facilitates fast, easy connection to the low voltage power supply.  Once the low voltage cables are connected, simply plug the power supply into an existing 110-volt outlet. The power supply has a speed control dial that allows the installer to tune the system to maximize system effectiveness and optimize energy efficiency. This fan has a 6-inch inlet and outlet, produces over 350CFM of airflow, and is capable of over 2.3” of suction.  This low voltage radon fan is ideal for medium to large size homes.  Since the wiring configuration is completely “plug-and-play”, neither a licensed electrician nor permit is required for installation (in most municipalities.)

NOTE: If the indoor outlet that will be powering the low voltage radon fan system is further than 6-feet from the system entry point, choose Connection Cable of appropriate length to connect power supply to fan Transition Box.

The PressureTech PT2 is one of the first DC radon fans on the market with a low voltage motor.  The advantage to using a low voltage radon fan is the fact that a licensed electrician and permit is not required in many municipalities.  Although the motor is low voltage, the PT2 low voltage radon fan actually outperforms many of the most popular radon fans that are commonly used.

The PT2 low voltage radon fan includes an integrated speed control dial that gives the installer full control of the airflow and suction of the radon mitigation system.  By controlling the speed of the fan, the installer can optimize system performance while saving the customer money by “dialing down” the fan as needed which reduces the power consumption incrementally.  With airflow capabilities of over 350 CFM and suction of over 2.3 inches of water column, this low voltage radon fan can be used for virtually any radon mitigation situation.

According to the National Electric Code, motors that run at under 30 volts and less than 100 watts fall under Class 2 wiring rules.  Most municipalities do not require a licensed electrician or permit for Class 2 wiring, particularly when all connections are “plug-and-play”.  Simply install the low voltage radon fan, mount the power converter inside the home near an existing electrical outlet, and connect the fan to the power converter using the appropriate length Connection Cable.  To activate the system, simply plug the power converter into the outlet.

See results of Bill Brodhead’s fan performance testing here (see PT2DC-6):

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in


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