Fantech Rn4 Radon Mitigation Fan


  • Fantech Rn4 High Flow – High Suction
  • 490 cfm at 0.5″ sp
  • 20 cfm at 4.3″ sp
  • Equipped with EC Motor
  • Speed Control Included
  • LDVI™ Couplings Included
  • Airtight Housing Guaranteed
  • Large Electrical Box

The Fantech Rn4 radon mitigation fan is a revolutionary fan. With high suction and high air flow the Rn4 is a perfect fan for most all radon problems in your home or business.


The Fantech Rn4 is the most powerful model in Fantech’s family of Radon Mitigation fans, the Rn4 can create 4.3” of suction while moving 20 cfm, as well as move 490 cfm when operating at only 0.5” of suction.

The Fantech Rn4 features an electronically commutated (EC) motor. Inherently efficient and operationally stable at full and reduced speeds, the EC motor arms the radon professional with installation methods not previously practical. Located in the wiring box, an integral speed control potentiometer can be used to “dial in” the fan speed necessary to achieve either the required sub-slab depressurization or required system air flow rate. For demand-controlled systems, the potentiometer can be removed from the wiring terminal block to accommodate an externally-provided 0-10Vdc speed command. Call Wholesale Radon today to get the mitigator sale price for the Fantech Rn4.

The Rn4 series fans are constructed with UL certified, UV protected Polycarbonate material that are vibration welded for 100% leak-proof housing construction. Totally enclosed motors are designed with extra moisture protection for radon application.

The Rn4 also features a housing produced via a vibration welding process. Without relying on fasteners or sealant, the process results in a fused seam that is strong, permanent and inherently air tight. The Fantech Rn4 radon fan for sale is the only fan on the market today with this high of suction and cfm combined in one radon mitigation fan.

What’s included with the fan?

Included with every Fantech Rn4 is a pair of Fantech’s new LDVI™ (Low Durometer Vibration Isolators) couplings; 6” X 4” for Rn4-4 and 6” X 3” for Rn4-3. Designed specifically for radon mitigation applications, our patent pending LDVI couplings are molded with a more flexible, low durometer material as compared to standard plumbing couplings. The more flexible LDVI couplings make installation easier and provide superior vibration isolation.

Rn4 Operations Manual

Rn4 High Suction Fan

Additional information

Weight 8.75 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 13 in

RN4EC-3, RN4EC-4


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