Fantech Rn2EC Radon Fan


The Fantech Rn2EC radon fan is the EC version of the extremely popular Fantech Rn2 radon fan. This highly efficient EC motor allows you to speed control the fan to get the “sweet spot” when mitigating the radon out of your home or business.


The Rn2EC radon fan is called The “Juice” because it squeezes every ounce of potential efficiency. A great upgrade to an existing system that doesn’t save on energy. The Rn2EC is an excellent choice for that “everyday job” with elevated radon levels. This fan can be mounted both indoor (in non living areas), outdoor and in wet locations.

The Rn2EC radon fan features a fully controllable EC motor and a vibration welded plastic housing. The fused seam is inherently air tight, very strong and permanent. An air-tight fan ensures that efficiency is not lost and radon contaminants are not spilled due to leakage.

Dialing into specific performance curves allows for maximum efficiency. A large electrical wiring enclosure is designed into the fan housing, making electrical installation easier. Thermal overload protected with automatic reset is also included.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 12 in


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