Fantech RN2 Inline Radon Fan


  • Fantech Rn2 is used for Medium Suction, Low Airflow applications
  • UV resistant, UL Listed durable plastic
  • UL Listed for use in commercial applications
  • Watertight electrical terminal box
  • Totally enclosed for protection
  • Automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • Zero leakage

The Fantech Rn2 fan is the ideal radon fan that is used for your every day mitigation job.


Active radon mitigation systems employ specialized fans to exhaust radioactive radon gas from underneath building structures via a sealed pipe system. The Fantech Rn2 fan is designed to remove radon gas before it migrates into the building envelope. The sale price for the Fantech Rn2 radon fan being at $106.00 is the most competitive price on the market today.

The Fantech Rn2 fan features a fully sealed plastic housing. The inlet and outlet pieces of the housing are joined via a vibration welding process. The process uses transverse, reciprocating motion under pressure at the point of contact. The friction produces heat that melts the thermoplastic material at the interface. The melted material quickly re-solidifies, resulting in a fused, single piece housing. The fused seam is inherently air tight, very strong and permanent which makes the Fantech Rn2 a perfect radon fan. Call Wholesale Radon today to get the mitigator sale price for the Fantech Rn2.

The air-tight housing on the Rn2 radon fan ensures that efficiency is not lost and contaminants are not spilled due to leakage. Along with the airtight housing, the fan has a large electrical wiring enclosure that is designed into the Fantech Rn2 fan housing, making electrical installation easier. The Fantech Rn2 radon fan has a thermal overload protect with automatic reset. Why buy a radon fan somewhere else? The Fantech Rn2 radon fan for sale is the perfect fan for every day radon mitigation usage.

The Fantech Rn2 radon fan can be mounted both indoor, outdoor, and in wet locations.

The Rn2 fan has been certified by HVI and is safety certified by UL.

PDF On RN Series Brochure

PDF On Rn2 Sales Sheet 


Additional information

Weight 6.2 lbs
Dimensions 13.25 × 13 × 11 in


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